Groove Thangs Reunion


October 24th-26th, 2019 | 8:30pm


Doors open at 8 pm, 21 and over, General Admission only, no seating available for this event!


Defying categorization since 1984, Groove Thangs started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when brothers John Stacey and Patrick Stacey, guised as "Bonefish Johnny" and "Down Pat," began performing a bundle of roots rhythms and funky tunes designed to move bodies and minds.

"How do you put '60's soul, calypso, reggae, blues, swampy New Orleans shuffles, trashy surf music, R&B, rap, funk, go-go, Carolina shag, Elvis and James Brown in the same sentence, let alone the same song?" -- Sun-Sentinel

With the help of other brother Michael and a slew of heavy musicians, Groove Thangs played raw bars and rock clubs, ignoring boundaries and earning a solid rep for showmanship and musicality, leading the Miami Herald to declare in 1987 that "the Thangs have quickly become the most exciting band to emerge in South Florida in years."

"Known as the baddest...the most get-down soulful cats around" -- Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson)

In 1989, Groove Thangs got a demo deal with Epic, produced by music legend and fan Tom Dowd. After the major label declined to sign them, the band went on to produce their music independently, eventually putting out seven releases on their own Neverglades label. Groove Thangs' CD Uppression won the Jammy, awarded by Florida's JAM Magazine, for Best South Florida Independent Release of 1991.

Touring often, Groove Thangs developed a following throughout the US, playing clubs, headlining festivals, opening for major acts, performing in Europe, garnering rave reviews and attracting the sponsorship of the Miller Genuine Draft Band Network.

Groove Thangs went on hiatus in 1992 but enthusiasm for the group persisted and reunions soon followed, including a tour of Indonesia in 1994.

"Groove Thangs Bergoyang Funky" -- Surabaya Post, Java, Indonesia

Pat and Bonefish have been getting the band back together semi-annually ever since and this tradition of shows is now legendary. Live recordings reveal a gang of seasoned artists playing better than ever, songs old and new. Don’t miss them!