May 22, 2017 @ 9:00 pm – 9:00 pm

REGGAE NIGHT – Concert Series


Boston’s World Famous Reggae Night started over 35 years ago with just a needle-on-a-record and is still one of the longest running weekly Reggae Nights anywhere!

Lance O, a Miami-based radio personality, DJ and owner of Kulcha Shok Music, hosts this weekly showcase. Bi-weekly performances of the infamous Brothers United and other reggae-style artists and groups help form the basis of this event.

Throughout its 35 plus years, this night has showcased some of the best reggae infuenced acts around. Local, regional and national touring artists from all parts of the globe have performed here. From the very beging with acts like Goodbread Alley, Rising Tide, Ellis Island to recent acts like Brothers United, Jahfe’, Inna Sense, The Resolvers, Glen Washington & Third World, you will not find a better lineup anywhere. All of this together forms the strong and undying brand known as Boston’s Reggae Night – Concert Series!


Today, a new movement has formed on Delray’s Beach. Boston’s Reggae Night – Concert Series! Starting in December, local, regional and national touring artists like Jahfe’, The Resolvers, and Inna Sense are scheduled to perform on a monthly basis as well as the legendary group Rythmation, who will carry this tradition under the new name, Brothers United. This newly designed weekly event will be filled with new drink specials, prizes and give-a-ways and will include local and regional opening acts like White Abbot & The Crown, Jah Steve & the Counteract Crew, The Future Prezidents, SowFlo, Uma Galera, Army Gideon, to name a few. All these changes help give meaning to the name, Boston’s Monday Night Reggae – Concert Series!


Boston’s World Famous Reggae Night started over 35 years ago with just a needle-on-a-record. This is still one of the longest running weekly Reggae Nights anywhere! Shortly after this success, the young reggae group, Goodbread Alley, whose name was taken from the most dangerous street in Overtown, Miami, began hitting the stage with their Caribbean Roots-Reggae vibes. In fact, legendary bass virtuoso, Jaco Pastorious, a known survivor of this street, could sometimes be seen jamming with the band on this very night.
During the 1980’s, Goodbread Alley would survive multiple name changes but a few of the founding members like, percussion guru, Lance Seiler, were still keeping-the-beat. Rising Tide & Ellis Island where the first two off-shoots of the original band and this is when the night started to become, the Only Place to Be! Eventually, multitudes of fans would form a line over a full city block just to get their chance to be part of the scene.

Along with performances by Ellis Island, there would be traditional Caribbean dance contests like the Limbo, hosted by King Leroy, where patrons could win cash prizes, drink tickets, t-shirts, and other give-a-ways. Ellis Island would eventually change their name and become Rythmation, the longest running act to-date. Rythmation helped increase the turn-out even farther with their “Cool-Vibe Reggae” sound. You would be hard-pressed to believe the turn-out if you hadn’t witnessed it yourself.

During the early 2000’s, Richie Randazzo, Gershi Greaves and Bradley Brown, the three remaining members of Ellis Island would head a new change. As members of Rythmation they brought in Ishmael “The Rocket” Francis on bass and vocals to complete the lineup. It was around this time when they started inviting many special guests Like Glenn Washington and Mikey Spice to name a few, to perform as special guests. This sparked a new direction that would lead to what this night has come to today. Even recording artist Matisyahu was known to sneak in unexpectedly to get a feel of this well-known event.

Around 2007, Entertainment Manager, Mark Pisarri, would invite Lance O of Kuclcha Shok Music, a Miami-based radio personality, DJ and entertainment company owner, to join the team. Lance O’s traditional roots-reggae style and his knowledge of this ever-changing business and his undying commitment to both traditional and current genres would help bring in a new error. Together, they would re-tool this already world-famous weekly event to include local, regional and national touring artists under a new yet familiar brand known as Boston’s Reggae Night – Concert Series!

$7 Grey Goose Drinks
$5 Bacardi Drinks
$4 Corona
$4 Red Stripe

Mondays | 9pm | $10 Admission | 21 & Up | Proper Dress Required

For more information, please visit http://www.bostonsonthebeach.com/reggae-night

9PM – LANCE O (Kulcha Shok Muzik) Spinning your favorite Reggae Hits!

Kulcha Shok Muzik is all about the music especially reggae music, Kulcha Shok Muzik is where the music is the STAR! A company based in radio, TV, promotions, productions, bookings, marketing, management, song placement, publishing, recording and partnerships. Kulcha Shok has worked for Power96 (programming), Atlantic Records (A&R), the Marleys, Into the Deep(movie soundtrack), Island Hoppers TV (production) and Bayside Rocks (production, promotion, bookings, ground up) just to name a few. Artist List includes: Jahfe, 4th Dimension, Natty Remo, Zion Warriors, Senate, Stampede, The Resolvers, Made of Hemp, Bootleg the Band, Kayaki, and more.