November 9, 2017 @ 8:30 pm – 8:30 pm


“With Special Guest Fly Amero”

Eventbrite - Boston's presents:An Intimate Evening with Ambrosia and guest "Fly" Amero

In the year 1970, four young musicians from the South Bay of Los Angeles, came together to create a new invigorating style of music.

Exploring the possibilities of progressive, classical and world influences, yet rooted with the soul of the blues and R&B, Joseph Puerta, Christopher North, David Pack and Burleigh Drummond created a new sound that was defined and recognized as “Ambrosia”.

Originally labeled as America’s answer to the progressive invasion of such English acts as “Yes” and “King Crimson”, the group quickly proved it was all that and much more as it’s albums painted aural landscapes covering the gamut of musical styles and attracting the collaboration of such cultural icons as, Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Alan Parsons.

In it’s brief recording history, Ambrosia garnered 5 Grammy Nominations, 5 Hit Singles, Heavy FM Airplay and the admiration and respect of the musical community.  All this was in addition to Sold Out concerts around the world.

Today, the band is more alive and compelling than ever.  With three of the original members in tact plus the addition of guitar ace Doug Jackson on electric guitar and backing vocals, Mary Harris contributing amazing keyboards and vocals, and the powerful and contemporary lead vocals and acoustic guitar of Ken Stacey…Ambrosia is exploring new musical territory and continuing to wow life-long fans and new converts alike!




“Member of The Classic American pop group, Orleans”

I’m known most commonly as a singer and lefty-upside down guitarist, currently touring with various artists, including the classic American pop group, Orleans (“Still The One” / “Dance With Me”).

I also have a long history as an acoustic solo performer, having released a couple CDs of my own in this format: Fly Solo and Paint It Blue.

And, in addition to this, many people associate me with my comedy background. In the 80’s and 90’s, I worked with ABC Radio, New York, which led to the release of a holiday novelty record for Atlantic that just took off and went gold… Twisted Christmas.

A few years (and sequels) later, you’ll still find me doing funny songs. Let’s face it… I’m a grown-up kid. Check the latest of these releases, Cracked Country Christmas. Songs from this album can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody… most all online distributors.


Eventbrite - Boston's presents:An Intimate Evening with Ambrosia and guest "Fly" Amero