“Blues Rock”

Bruja (pronounced “Brew-Ha”), is a South Florida based band led by South American born singer-songwriter, Jorge “Bruja” Zarruk. The name originates from a nickname Jorge obtained as a teenage surfer growing up El Salvador, where his family moved when Jorge was an infant. The English translation for “Bruja” is “Witch”.

A driving Blues Rock trio at the core, Bruja can also flex its musical muscles and dive into Reggae and Funk, at times fusing the aforementioned genres with Rock to create a fresh sound. You will also find Bruja frequently inviting Stephen Hooper or David Kupsick, two very talented local Saxophone players who have on several occasions, played the bigger shows with the band to enhance the musical experience as needed.

The current line up has Chuck Fiore Jr. on Drums and percussion, and Tommy Rispoli, another driving force in Bruja, on Bass Guitar and Back up Vocals. Jorge “Bruja” Zarruk, as always, on Guitar, Vocals, and Blues harmonica.

Although an up and coming band, you can count on a few hardcore fans and friends request a Bruja original by name, like “Tomorrow Never Comes”, a Reggae-Rock fusion with Jerry Garcia influenced guitar work, or “Jack Daniel’s Blues”, a fun Blues-Rock tune about enjoying the simple things in life.

Other crowd favorites include “Save My Soul” and “Try to Love”, the latter a swampy, Bluesy track reminiscent of The Black Keys.

All in all, Bruja is a band you will appreciate if you like musical diversity. Blues, Rock, Reggae and/or Funk, Bruja will have something for you if you come to check out a show.